11fit Gainer (single pack)



Short Facts

  • 11fit is a unique combination of the best superfoods in the world. It contains the daily requirement of all nutrients in the perfect ratio and is 100% organic, natural and vegan.
  • A daily dose of 11fit powder contains as many nutrients as 1,5 kg of natural foods
  • Our 11fit Gainer is the ultimate must-have for every athlete! 100% natural foods: organic rice, organic oats and much more, vegan, lactose-free and GMO-free - sustainably thought and cultivated.

About the Product

Order your Weight Gainer for your ultimate result now! Through intensive training sessions, the body has an increased energy requirement, which often can not be met by the diet alone. So that our body does not have to resort to existing reservesand muscle mass, we developed our Weight Gainer. This can help to absorb a lot of energy with relatively little volume and fat.

11fit Gainer delivers a phenomenal amount of calorie on a small amount of powder to provide a positive energy balance for muscle building. For each 100g, it provides a calorific value of 407 kcal and facilitates the daily energy surplus. But especially for people who are hard to gain ground, the 11fit Gainer is a great help. By using 11fit Gainer a longer term weight gain can be achieved.

Our Weight Gainer and 11fit - a dream team for Athlete Intense muscle building training not only requires a positive energy balance, but requires all the nutrients to be naturally performing 100%. In addition to energy, our 11fit Weight Gainer and the new Base Powder provide you with other important nutrients that are incessant in intensive training phases, for example to shorten regeneration phases. In addition to preserving muscle mass, new ones can be set up specifically. With the new 11fit Gainer, you not only achieve a complex nutrient supply, but also optimal protein supply.

How it's Used

The preparation of your 11fit Gainer is very simple: add liquid, mix, finish. Depending on your taste preference, you can use water, vegetable milk or juices. Dosage: The dosage is based on the individual energy requirement. A scoop (10 g) provides 40,6 kcal. We suggest that you take 11fit Gainer with our 11fit Base Powder and if necessary add one scoop of olive or linseed oil. Our suggestion for a portion with 420 kcal: 3 measuring spoon (30g) 11fit base powder 5 measuring spoon (50g) 11fit Gainer 1 measuring spoon (10g) vegetable oil 500ml of water or plant milk

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